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There's nothing quite like it. You wake up early in the morning, just as the first golden rays of sun pierce the night and slowly begin to pull back the veil of darkness that has settled over everything. The morning air is fresh and crisp, washed clean from the overnight drizzle and subsequent dew still clinging to the grass. You can think of no better time to commune one-on-one with God than at that moment. With steaming cup of coffee in hand, you go to the front porch and bask in the glory of the morning while opening your Bible. Not having studied the Bible that much in the past, you don't know where to turn, so instead you flip the Bible open and begin to read.


Bible-StudyNew Year's Resolutions are usually formed with great gusto. We sit and take stock of everything that we want to accomplish the next year and set goals to match. But little more than three weeks into it, the resolution begins to fade and we quickly fall back into our old routines. But a routine is nothing more than a habit, so breaking an old one or setting a new one should definitely be possible.

So why do so many people fail at following through on their goals?

The two main reasons that people fail at their goals are: the goal is too much and there is not system set up to make sure the goal can be met.

The Goal is Too Much

In our zeal, sometimes we set goals that are unattainable or unrealistic. If you set the goal to get in to shape, you wouldn't jump in with four hours of workouts each day. That's ludicrous. You would burn out at the end of day one and would probably not want to try working out again for a long time.

Greg Laurie has been called “this generation’s Billy Graham” because his Harvest Crusade events have brought hundreds of thousands to salvation through Jesus Christ.  Laurie’s upbeat and relevant message has been brought to nearly every major city in America, along with a host of contemporary Christian musicians and inspiring speakers.  

Similar to the Billy Graham crusades of the 60s and 70s, Harvest events end with an altar call that brings hundreds, even thousands, down to the stadium floor to accept Christ’s offer of eternal life.  But Greg Laurie’s Christian service doesn’t end with Harvest America; his influence is felt through a collection of groundbreaking books.  One of these books, Signs of the Times, is getting a lot more attention lately; primarily because of the current state of our world. 

What is “Signs of the Times” about?

The book Signs of the Times by Greg Laurie doesn’t rely on hyped-up prophetic predictions, nor does it make any forecasts of its own, but it does help us interpret today’s headlines through the lens of Scripture.  Signs of the Times is subtitled, “What the Bible Says about the Rapture, Antichrist, Armageddon, Heaven, Hell, and Other Issues of Our Day.”  One might expect a book that covers this many topics to be a few inches thick, but Signs of the Times is actually a quick read.  That’s probably because Laurie doesn’t extrapolate or make his own predictions about the future; he simply clarifies where we are on God’s prophetic time clock.

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